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How to Install JoomSEF SEO Plugin into your Joomla Site

JoomSEF is a SEO component that makes your Joomla! URLs SEF (search engine friendly) and easily human understandable with metadata generation capabilities. This component supports URL translations at multilingual sites using JoomFish/Falang, generates custom 404 Page Not Found and perform duplicate URLs management. Having SEF URLs means more comfort for users and better ranking with search engines.

Here's how you can install the best SEO plugin for your Joomla:

Download link:

Login to your Joomla Administrator Dashboard and click on Extensions > Manage > Install.

Under "Upload Package File" tab, click on "or browse for file" and upload the downloaded .zip file.

You shall see the successful installation message.

What's Next?

Once installation is successful, you can perform other functions which is included inside JoomSEF plugin such as below:

How to Enable URL Rewriting in JoomSEF Plugin

Updated on: 15/03/2019

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