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How to Flush Joomla Cache Plugin

Caching is added to Joomla's functionality by default, thus, it is the easiest way to turn on caching for your Joomla site.

To enable the caching function in Joomla, kindly perform the steps below:

Login to your admin dashboard and click on System → Global Configuration.

Click on the System link, find the section called Cache Settings and select one of On caching options and save the changes. You can see the sequence from (1) to (4) as highlighted below:

Go to Extensions → Plugins

Find " System-Page Cache " in the plugin list and enable it.

Now the caching system is enabled and functional.

For clearing the cache, navigate to System → Clear Cache:

You will see the list of the cached pages. Click Check All and then Delete on the left:

Do you know that you can also disable the same plugin? Click here for the step-by-step instructions.

Updated on: 24/01/2019

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