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How to Install Quick Cache Cleaning (QCC) Plugin in Joomla

First, you need to download the Quick Cache Cleaning (QCC) plugin from the website below:

FREE Download link

Here's how you can install the plugin above by referring to the sample tutorial here.

In a nutshell, QCC plugin is a fast administrative module that performs global check-ins, clears cache and purges expired cache.

Login to your Joomla Administrator dashboard and click on Extensions → Modules.

Click the drop down box on the left, switch from Site to Administrator.

Type the word "cache' and press the enter button. Check the box once to enable the QCC - Quick Cache Cleaning module. You shall see the message " 1 Module Published " as seen below.

On the same page, click once on QCC - Quick Cache Plugin. Go to Module and select either "Menu" or "Footer" position where the Cache Cleaning button will appear on your website.

Press the Save button once you're done. Close it.

Now go to Extension → Plugins. Type "cache" and press the enter button. Next, check the box for System - QCC - Quick Cache Cleaning . You shall see the message "Plugin Enabled".

Remember to clear all cache first. Go to System → Clear Cache and hit the "Delete All" button until you see the message All cache group(s) have been cleared.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This step is compulsory if your website global configuration has enabled System Cache (ON). Otherwise, you can ignore this step and see the changes immediately.

Depending on what position type you have chosen in Module Manager, you will see the Quick Cache Cleaning menu everywhere in the back-end of your Joomla site. Here's how our sample site appears with the Quick Cache Cleaning menu (position: status & toolbar) .

a) Status

b) Toolbar

Updated on: 24/01/2019

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