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How to Enable the Jotcache Plugin in Joomla

JotCache is a non-commercial Joomla cache plugin that is very flexible. It allows you full control over the pages, modules and components that are cached.

One very important issue to keep in mind: JotCache is a replacement for the Joomla core System - Page Cache plugin, so make sure to disable this one before you install JotCache!

Login to Joomla Administrator and click on Extensions → Plugins.

Type "cache" on the search bar and press enter. Look for JotCache and click once on the red cross mark in order to enable the plugin. You shall see the message "Plugin enabled" once this is done.

Now click on Components → Jomcache . You shall see the following page.

Leave all Jotcache settings to default and click on the " Delete ALL " button in order to purge all cache.

Once purging is done, you will see the message that the cache has been successfully cleared, and the list with the cached pages will be emptied:

Updated on: 24/01/2019

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