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How to Create or Add Joomla Components

With Joomla!, you have the ability to add special functionalities in addition to the standard articles that comprise of text, links, and images. Complex content creation is carried out using components.

The component manager has different options through which complex pages can be added to your website. Joomla has quite a few built-in components that make the creation of specialized page types easy: Contacts, search, smart search, news feeds, web links, etc.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add new Joomla component (News feeds) to your website:

Login to your Joomla Administrator dashboard and click on Components → News Feeds → Feeds

Press the green colour (+) New button on the top left corner.

Fill the required details (name and URL for the news feed you want to display) and press Save button once your are done.

In order to show your news feeds on your Joomla main page, you may place it on your main menu. Go to Menus → Main Menu → Add New Menu Item.

Type Menu Title . Under Menu Item Type, click the Select button and a pop-up will appear. Select "News Feeds" and click on your desired format e.g. Single News Feed as highlighted.

Under "Feed", click Select to pick your News Feeds. In this example, I'm going to pick my previously created news feeds called Joomla Official Links .

Now select your preferred target window and leave the remaining settings to default. Press the Save & Close button once you're satisfied with your settings.

Now clear your Joomla cache by going to System → Clear Cache and click Delete ALL.

Visit your Joomla main page now to view the latest changes. Here's how our website appears together with the news feed link.

Click once on the link and we shall be redirected to the Joomla feeds as shown below:

Updated on: 25/01/2019

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