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How to Enable URL Rewriting in JoomSEF Plugin

Login to your Joomla Administrator dashboard and click on Systems > Global Configuration.

Go to System tab and scroll down to System Cache. Select " ON - Conservative Caching ". Press the Save & Close button.


Go to Component > ARTIO JoomSEF > Control Panel and click on Maintenance .

Click on Clear Cache button until you see the Cache Cleaned message.
Next, click on Purge SEF Urls until you see the Successfully purged records message.
Finally, click on Update URLs until you see the Finish button. Click on the Finish button to complete the entire process.

After completing "Update URLs" above, you need to retry again after 20 - 30 minutes in order to ensure all URLs have been completely updated.

Now, you must clear your web browser cache and restart it before revisiting your Home page. You may try to click on your article link in order to see the changes.

What's Next?

Once you have completed the above steps, you can start modifying your Joomla article URL into Search Engine Friendly (SEF) format. For this you need to visit Manage SEF URLs and Manage 301 Redirects

Manage SEF URLs using JoomSEF Plugin

Updated on: 15/03/2019

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