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How to Install Clean Cache Plugin for Your Joomla

First, you need to download the Clean Cache plugin from the website below:

FREE Download link

Here's how you can install the plugin above by referring to the sample tutorial here.

Do take note that once this plugin is installed, purging cache can be done in a breeze.

Login to your Joomla Administration dashboard and click on Extensions → Plugins.

Type "Cache" on the search box. You shall see a list of cache plugins. Click once on the box which shows " System - Regular Labs - Cache Cleaner " as highlighted below. This shall enable the plugin immediately.

Click on the name of the plugin again " System - Regular Labs - Cache Cleaner " once more.

It will immediately bring you to the page below. Next, click on the " Administrator Module Options " tab and choose Yes for Display Toolbar Button and save the changes:

You shall see the message "Plugin saved". Now the Clean Cache button will appear in your Dashboard:

Updated on: 23/01/2019

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