Note: The LiteSpeed Cache plugin requires Joomla 3.x installation or later

Download LsCache for Joomla from LiteSpeed Tech website here.

From the Joomla Administration menu, navigate to Extensions > Manage > Install

Select the Upload Package File tab, and drag the zip file into the window, or press the button to browse for the file.

The plugin will be automatically installed and enabled.

How to Verify Whether the LsCache Plugin is Enabled

Navigate to Extensions > Plugins. If you have a lot of plugins listed, type LiteSpeed into the search box to bring up the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin.

Look for the green check mark next to the plugin name. This indicates that the plugin is installed and enabled. If you see a red X instead, click the red X to enable the plugin. Once you’ve done that, the green check mark should appear, and you are good to go.

If you wish to disable the plugin in the future, you may click the green check mark to toggle it back to the red X.
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