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How to Setup Google Analytics in Magento

The good thing about Magento is the ability to include Google Analytics, a free tool by Google which allows webmasters and web site administrators to monitor their web sites' traffic and conversion ratio.

Magento supports two types of tracking:

Page View Tracking - Lists the origin from which your web store visitors linked to your store.
E-commerce Tracking - Lists the customers that make purchases and what they buy.

To utilize this tool, you need to sign up at and create your own Google Analytics account number. Write the account number down since you will need it for the Magento configuration.

The Google Analytics Account Number appears in this format: UA-XXXXXXXXX-Y

Here's how you can setup Google Analytics inside your Magento:

Login to your administrator dashboard and click on Stores >> Configuration (Under Settings Section) >> Sales >> Google API.

Now, you need to configure the Google Analytics tracking in your Magento store. Open your Admin area and navigate to Stores >> Settings section >> Configuration >> Sales >> Google API and expand the Google Analytics section.

Select Yes option from the Enable drop-down menu to see the other options as well.

Enter the Google Analytics account number in the Account number field and click on the Save Config button.

The Google Analytics account number is in this format: UA-XXXXXXYYY-Z

Congrats, you've just added the Google Analytics code to your site.

Updated on: 17/04/2019

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