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How to Configure Your Magento Store with SSL

The basic function of a SSL is to encrypt data transmission between a browser and a server. This encrypted transmission is done inside a secured HTTPS connection.

A SSL certificate is a necessity when you want to operate an online shop and process the sensitive customers data through your software.

By having SSL certificate installed on your website, it helps you gain your clients' trust and increase your web site's search engines rank. You can always purchase SSL certificate for your website by contacting Serverfreak!

Here's how you can setup your Magento store with SSL:

Login to your Magento administrator dashboard and click on Stores >> Configuration.

Next, expand the General tab and click on web menu.

We shall work on both Base URLs and Base URLs (Secure)

We shall add HTTPS protocol for our domain name as seen in the screenshot below. You may apply the same settings for your domain name as well.

Make sure edit Base URLs, Base Link URL, Secure Base URL and Use Secure Base Link URL to your domain with HTTPS.

Press the Save Config button once you're done. Doing this will make your Magento application work with SSL only.

Updated on: 19/04/2019

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