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How to Add Canonical Meta Tag in Magento

Why Canonical Meta Tag?

Whenever content on your Magento site is duplicated, it should be canonicalized for search engines. The canonical meta tag is known as an essential tool to inform search engines which page to index when there are multiple URLs that have similar content. This means, Magento Canonical Tag can help you clean up duplicate content issues, as well as improve your Magento site ranking in the search results.

Here's the tutorial that show you how to add Magento Canonical Meta Tag easily:

Login to your Magento administrator dashboard and click on Stores >> Configuration

In the left menu, choose Catalog >> Search Engine Optimizations

Under Search Engine Optimization menu, kindly perform the following as follow:

In the Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Categories choose "Yes"
In the Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Products choose "Yes"

Press the Save Config button to save all of your updates.

Updated on: 22/04/2019

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