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How to Reset Your Magento Administrator Password

There are 2 ways to reset your Magento administrator password:

Reset Password Via Email method
Account Settings (via Administrator dashboard)

Let's go through the simple steps for each section.

Section 1: Reset Password Via Email Method

Use your web browser to go to the Magento administrator login page.

Click Forgot your password?.

In the Email Address text box, type the e-mail address associated with the account.

Click Retrieve Password. Magento sends a message to the e-mail address associated with the administrator account.

In the email message, click the link to reset the administrator password.

Section 2: Account Settings

Login to your Magento administrator dashboard and click on the top right corner which is showing Account Settings (username) like the screenshot below.

Insert your new password at both New Password and Password Confirmation.

Scroll down and then insert your original password at Your Password located at Current User Identity Verification.

Press the Save Account button at the top right corner to save changes.

Now you can logout from your Magento administrator dashboard and relogin using your new password!

Updated on: 19/04/2019

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