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How to Manage Tags Inside WooCommerce

The tags used by your products is just another way of "categorizing" the products you have on your Online Store. The tags offer you with the option to create and manage the products' tags on a dedicated page and in the next few lines of this tutorial we will show you how exactly you should be able to do that.

Step 1: Add a New Tag

Login to your WP Admin dashboard and click on Products > Tags

You will notice the page is now vertically separated on two halves. The left section is used for creating category and in order to do so you will need to fill the following options:

Name - The name of the tag
Slug - The slug to the URL used by this tag
Description - The description of the tag

Once you are done with these simple settings, please press the Add New Product Tag button so you can be able to add the new tag.

Step 2: Edit Existing Tag

Both editing and deleting tags are pretty much straightforward process. To edit the tags, you just need to hover your mouse over to right hand side and point to the target tag and click on the Edit link as shown below:

Once editing work is complete, just click on the Update button to finalize changes.

Step 3: Delete Existing Tag

The last action is the delete action and you will be able to delete it when you hover over on existing Tag on the Tags management page.

Press the delete link as shown above.

By simply clicking on the Delete link colored in red, this will prompt a confirmation window where you will be able to confirm the deletion and after a second the tag will be deleted.

Congrats! That's how you learn how to create tag, edit tag and deleting tag

Updated on: 14/02/2019

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