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How to Manage Orders Inside WooCommerce

This tutorial is divided into 2 sections: Add a New Order and Handling Existing Orders

Step 1: Add a New Order

To begin, we need to login to WordPress Admin dashboard and click on Orders under the Woocommerce menu.

Here you will notice a table view containing all the orders currently submitted on your website. In order to add a new order manually to your website you will need to use the Add Order button located at the top of the page.

By clicking on that button, you will be redirected to a page where you will see few sections with options you will need to configure in order for the new order to be added. Let's review those one by one.

The first section is called the Order Details. You can manually add orders by adding Date of Order, Order Status and of course the Customer you will be adding this order.

The third section is called Custom Fields and as the name suggests there you will be able to add different custom fields to the order while the fourth section is called the Downloadable Product Permissions. Here you can add some downloadable products to the order and once the order status is changed (e.g. from Processing to Completed) then it will be available for download by the customer.

Finally, you shall notice additional sections called Order Actions and Order notes on the sidebar.

There you will be able to add respectively configure some actions for the order like sending emails for example and respectively to add some notes ( Private note or Note to customer) if you would need to.

Step 2: Handling Existing Orders (Once Customer Have Taken Action)

Once you customer have placed an order on your WooCommerce Online Store, you will need to process it and then potentially complete it after a successful payment. You can only edit orders which are not paid and are in Pending Payment status.

Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard and click on WooCommerce> Orders.

Once there you will be able to see all the orders submitted on your website.

The orders you are looking for most probably are those in Pending Payment status as these are the new orders. You will be able to easily sort the Pending Payment orders by clicking on the Pending Payment link as seen below:

Here you will see a list of UNPAID ORDERS. If you would like to edit an order please click on the eye-like button located as seen below.

This will enable you to view the order and to edit it just in case you will need to but make sure you have waited for the order to get paid by the customer. Once payment is received, you can proceed to move the order to Completed status.

Once you click on "processing" or "completed" status, just wait for the system to update automatically

Once an order has been completed, the latest status shall be updated and you will be able to view it in the Orders page.

The final action we will discuss is deleting order. As the name suggests you will be able to delete an order. In order to delete an order you will need to select the order and from the Bulk Actions drop-down you will need to select Move to trash and then hit the Apply button.

Once this is done, the order will be moved to trash and will be removed from the list of orders on your Orders page.

That's all you need to know on how to manage all the orders on your WooCommerce website!

Updated on: 15/02/2019

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