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How to Install Live Chat Plugin (Zendesk) in Your WooCommerce Store

Sign up for a Zendesk free trial account here

This will bring you to the following page which contains Welcome, Complete Profile and Embed Widget. Click the Next button as highlighted and fill up all relevant information in the subsequent pages.

When you reach the "Embed Widget" page, remember to switch to Plugins (instead of HTML) since we shall be using WordPress for this integration into our WooCommerce store.

Click on Go to Visitors List button.

You shall see the message "Congratulations on embedding the Chat widget!". Click on the Next button and then close that page immediately by clicking on the X button.

Up until now we have finished the Zendesk trial sign up. Next, we need to install the Zendesk chat plugin through our WordPress dashboard. Type "Zendesk" on the search bar and press the Enter button. Next, click on the Install Now button as highlighted and followed by the Activate button in order to activate this plugin in your store.

Refresh your dashboard and soon you will notice the Zendesk Chat on your sidebar. Click once on Zendesk Chat.

Enter your Zendesk Chat username and password as required. Once everything is done, click on the Link Up button to finalize changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Zendesk on your WooCommerce Online Store!

Updated on: 04/03/2019

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