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How to Configure the Product Options in Woocommerce

The Product Options page is the place where you can configure all you need for the products of your Online Store. In order to access that page you will need to login into the admin area of your website and then navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Products.

On the next page called General Options where you will find two relatively simple sections of settings. The first one called Measurements is used for the measuring of your products. Here you can configure the following two options:

Weight Unit - The unit which will be used for measuring the weight of a product (kg)
Dimensions Unit - The unit which will be used for measuring the dimensions of the unit (cm)

The second of settings is called Reviews and there you will be able to find options mainly focused to the rating and reviews of your products.

The available options on that sections are:

Enable Product Reviews: Checkmark this box to enable the product review option for the customer
Show “verified owner” label on customer reviews: Enabling this will verify the product who has made an order
Reviews can only be left by “verified owners”: This option is there to maintain authenticity.
Letting only the customers who ordered a product from the store to leave in a review

Enable star rating on reviews: This option lets your customers set star ratings for a particular
Star ratings should be required, not optional: This makes the star rating from optional to mandatory

Once you have made the final changes, scroll down and press the Save Changes button.

Updated on: 13/02/2019

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