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How to Configure the Inventory Options for Woocommerce

The amount and type of products you will be selling on your website depends on your physical product disposal. On your Online store, however this is managed by the Inventory feature and in the next few lines of this tutorial we will show you how to configure the settings for your Inventory.

Step 1: Access the Inventory Options Page

Login to dashboard and click on Settings > Products > Inventory

Step 2: Configure Inventory Options

There are several available options when it comes to the configuration of your Inventory and bellow we will provide more information on each one of those:

Manage Stock – This will enable the global Stock management feature so you can manage the entire stock of your Store. Keep in mind that the feature will be enabled by default
Hold Stock (minutes) – The amount of time in which the pending orders will be preserved
Notifications – Here you can enable notifications which will be fired when certain stock is close to 0
Notification Recipient – The email address of the person who should be notified about the ending stock of certain product. This is pretty useful if you have a distributor and if you would like to automate the process
Low Stock Threshold – The amount of stock when the notification for low stock will be triggered
Out Of Stock Threshold – The amount of stock when the notification for Out of Stock should be triggered
Out Of Stock Visibility – If the products Out of Stock should be displayed in the Catalog
Stock Display Format – If the amount of stock products should be shown entirely on every product’s page

Once you are done with the changes please use the Save Changes button so all of the performed configurations can be saved.

Congratulations! You are now able to configure the options for the Inventory Management on your WooCommerce Online Store!

Updated on: 13/02/2019

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