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How to Configure Shipping Methods Inside Magento

In our example, we shall be using DHL to post our products to our customer.

To start configuring the shipping method for your Magento store, kindly follow the tutorial below:

Login to your Magento administrator dashboard and click on Stores >> Configuration (under Settings).

Click on Sales to expand it and click on Shipping Settings.

Expand the Origin section. Here you need to enter the address from which the shipping will be initiated i.e. this is your warehouse address where all the products are stored and ready to be shipped to your customers. Here's a sample of our warehouse address.

Press the Save Config button to save changes.

Next, open up the Multishipping settings in the Sales menu and expand the Options section. You shall see the following 2 options.


a) Allow Shipping to Multiple Addresses - This means we accept goods from a single order to be shipped to different addresses. It is useful when a customer orders many products of a single kind, like post cards or pens for example and wants them to be delivered to multiple addresses. You can set the maximum quantity of products allowed to be shipped to multiple address in (b).
b) Maximum Qty Allowed for Shipping to Multiple Addresses - Maximum number of allowed shipping addresses.

In our example, to enable the DHL shipping module, you can go to Stores menu >> Configuration (Under Settings) >> expand Sales >> click on Shipping methods and navigate to the DHL section. For your notice, there's many of options you can choose from other than DHL e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEX, Magento Shipping.

Here's our settings for DHL which you may copy for your own store:

We set Enabled for Checkout to Yes.

The Gateway URL is needed to access DHL shipping rates. The field is preset by default, and normally does not need to be changed.

The next step is to enter a Title for this shipping method that will appear during checkout.

Afterwards Enter the Access ID and Password for your DHL account.

You may also adjust the Content type to match whether you're sending documents or non-document.

You may also set calculate Handling Fee to a fixed amount or percentage and Handling Applied to per order or per package.

"Per Order" allows a single handling fee for the entire order.
"Per Package" allows an individual handling fee for each package.

At the end you can define the countries for which the shipping is supported and the default error message in case the service is refused.

In the Sort order field you should enter the position of this shipping method compared to the other shipping methods offered to the customers.

Updated on: 17/04/2019

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