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How to Configure Downloadable Products Setting for WooCommerce

Downloadable products is a term used for digital goods which can be any images, songs, posters, e-books and many more. In the next few lines of this tutorial we will discuss the configuration of these products so that your customers is provided with the option to download these products immediately via your online shop.

Step 1: Configure the Admin Settings

Login to your WP admin section of your online store and click on Woocommerce > Settings.

From there you should click on the Products tab and then on Downloadable Products.

Now you will be presented with a few options that you will need to configure:

File Download Method - Here you should choose the File Download method. Please leave this option as it is.
Download requires login - Please use this option if you would like to restrict the downloads only for users having an account on your Online Store.
Grant Access to Downloadable Products after payment - This option will allow for the downloadable products to be available before the order has been completed.

Press the Save Changes button when you are ready to finalize the configuration.

Step 2: Configure the Product Settings to Downloadable Product

When you are adding a product or you are editing already existing product, in the Product Data section you will find the Downloadable checkbox as seen below:

Then under the General tab you will find the Downloadable Files option, where you will be able to upload the files which should be available for download for this particular product.

On the same tab you will find more options for the Downloadable products:

Download Limit - The amount of downloads this product can have
Download Expiry - The number of days a download link will expire

Once you are done, please click on the Publish button for that product so the information can be published. Congratulations! You can now configure all the options for the Downloadable Products of your WooCommerce Online Store!

Updated on: 14/02/2019

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