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How to Change the Admin Path URL for Magento Store

This tutorial will guide you on how to rename your admin path URL into a new path. By doing this, you can secure your Magento store backend from potential brute force attack.

Here's the step-by-step instruction:

Login to your Magento administrator dashboard. Click on Stores. Under Settings, click on Configuration as seen below:

Under the Advanced tab, click on Admin.

Click to open Admin Base URL and uncheck use system value. Now choose Yes for Use Custom Admin Path.

You shall notice Custom Admin Path. Now uncheck the box for Use system value.

Now enter your preferred Custom Admin Path. Try to make it as complicated as possible (by mixing letters with numbers) in order to avoid potential brute force attack. In our example, we set the Admin path URL to "7DaysaWeek"

Press the Save Config button at the top right corner to save changes.

You shall be logged out from the admin page. Notice the change in login URL in your URL bar.
From now onwards, you need to login to your admin path using the new URL.

NOTE: Write down or bookmark the new admin path URL

Login to your new admin path. You shall notice the top notice box asking you to perform cache management. Click on Cache Management.

Check the box for configuration and select Refresh. Next press the Submit button to save the latest changes.

Updated on: 09/04/2019

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