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How to Add & Manage Your Product Prices in Magento

With Magento, you can set special prices, timed promotions and much more.

Login to your Magento administrator dashboard and go to Catalog >> Products.

Identify the product whose price you want to modify and click on it to open up the Edit screen. Then next to the Price section you would see Advanced pricing. Click on Advanced pricing.

You will be redirected to a new page which shows the following Price options.

Special Price - This is discounted price off the normal retail price, especially during sales period.

Special Price From -Special price can be set up with specific dates ranges so that you don't need to manually update each product when the sale is over.

Cost -This is your product cost price which allows you to manage profitability a lot easier.

Customer Group Price - This is where you setup tier pricing e.g. for All Groups, Not Logged In, General ,Wholesale & Retailer.

In the Quantity field, enter the quantity that must be orders to receive the tier price.

In the Price field, you should enter the price (fixed or discounted) for specific amount of products.

Basically, you can set a fixed or discounted price for each groups e.g. for All Groups, Not Logged In, General, Whosale & Retailer. Click the Add button once you are happy with the new price adjustment.

Press the Done button at the top right corner when you're ready and to finalize changes, click the Save button on the returning page.

Updated on: 16/04/2019

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