For Domain Nameserver Update

When you update the domain name servers, you inform the DNS servers on the internet to direct the traffic for your domain name to the DNS of your hosting account, for example:

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

If you only purchase domain with us and hosting from other provider, you may obtain the DNS information from your hosting provider.

Kindly allow 12 to 48 hours of domain propagation period before your domain name will be fully resolved to the new server.

Therefore, it is advisable to perform the domain DNS update after office hours.

For Domain Transfer

This term is refers to a Domain Registrar transfer. A domain registrar transfer happens when you transfer your domain from one domain registrar to another.

The new registrar takes over management and billing for your domain.

For MYNIC domain transfer

You need to provide us with login details to :

For other domain name ( .com/ .biz / .net/ etc)

Please refer this link : DOMAIN TRANSFER REQUIREMENT
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