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How to Link Your Domain Name to Shopify - cPanel

This tutorial is divided into 2 parts since we need to modify the DNS record for the domain name inside your cPanel first before updating the changes inside your Shopify account.

First Section: Modify DNS Record for Your Domain Name

Login to cPanel and click on Zone Editor under the Domains section.

Click on the Manage button next to your target domain.

Point your root domain’s “A” record over to Shopify’s IP address, which is and click Edit Record

Click Save Record.

Next, update "www” CNAME record over to "" and save the changes by pressing the Save Record button.

Now we have completed the first part! Let's move on to the second part which is updating your SHopify Store Settings.

Second Section: Update Your Shopify Store Settings

This section is more straightforward since we only need to login to your Shopify account and click on Verify connection at this link below:


That's all folks!

Updated on: 28/02/2019

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