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How to Create Email Forwarding From Inside Client Area

This tutorial is designed for clients who purchased only domain name (.com, .my, .org etc) from Serverfreak without purchasing any control panel such as DirectAdmin or cPanel.

Before beginning, kindly set the domain nameservers to the following:

You may refer to this tutorial on how to change your domain nameservers.

However, if you encounter error message such as " Webnic Error: Error updating DNS ", kindly raise a support ticket to us to rectify this error on your behalf.

Here's the step-by-step instructions you may follow:

Login to your Client Area at and click on Domains => My Domains from the menu bar.

Click on the gear icon next to your domain name as seen below:

Click on Manage DNS Record, Forwarding & Redirect on the sidebar.

Click on Email Forwarding as highlighted.

Add the Forwarding Alias as seen below. If you wish to set the forwarding email alias e.g., then enter only the username i.e. david and click on Add Alias button.

Now you need to add email destination under Add new email destination Unlike the previous step which you just enter the username (without the full email address), you must enter the full email address this time around as shown below. Click on Add Email button.

You will notice the following message at the top of the page:

Successfully added the email for forwarding, before you can use this destination you must verify the destination with the Pin that has been send to the email address. Please go back to the Email forwarding tab and confirm with the verification pin

This is when you need to access your destination email account, which is the email address you've set in the previous step in order to retrieve the PIN code.

Go back to Email Forwarding section and enter the PIN code as shown below before pressing the Verify button.

Now you need to re-enter your destination email address at the top as highlighted below and press the Update button.

Congratulations! Now you're all set!

If everything is set correctly, you shall see all copies of emails sent to your email alias shall be sent to your destination email address without any issue.

Updated on: 12/04/2019

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