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Reseller Hosting - Manage User Backup in Direct Admin

To backup user hosting account kindly login as reseller.

1- Under Reseller Tools click Manage User Backups

2- Click Schedule Backup. You can see there are 4 option :

All Users - To backup all user under your reseller hosting
Selected Users - To choose specific user only for backup
All Users Except Selected - To backup all except the account that have been tick
Skip Suspended - To backup all user and skip any suspended account

In this tutorial, I will show tutorial to backup selected users by choosing the user and click NEXT STEP

3- In STEP 2 you have two option either to backup Now or On Schedule . If you choose backup Now simply click to NEXT STEP
If you choose On Schedule please fill the Cron Settings and click to NEXT STEP

4- on STEP 3, select directory for backup. By default, the directory will be at Local: /home/username/user_backups then click SCHEDULE

Updated on: 07/01/2023

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