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How to Set Up Domain Name Pointer in Direct Admin is configured as a Pointer for — e.g. entering in a browser will redirect to the domain name AND website ( will be displayed in the browsers' address bar)

Here's how you can perform the setup for " Domain Name Pointer ":

Login to Direct Admin and click on Domain Pointers under Advanced Features.

Enter your source domain i.e. your pointer domain as shown below and click on the Add button. Note do not check the box for " Create as An Alias ".

You shall see the newly setup domain pointer as shown below. Please note that domain pointer setup will take effect immediately.

NOTE: Domain Pointer is referring to Domain Redirection. Do Not Confuse Domain Pointer in Direct Admin with "Domain Alias"

Meanwhile for information on how to set up Domain Alias in Direct Admin, click here for the tutorial.

Updated on: 27/12/2018

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