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(Migration) How to View Website Before DNS Pointing

This tutorial is to help you to test/view your website after migrating, without the need of DNS pointing of your domain. With the help of this free tools .This online tool is designed towards web developers and administrators who perform website migration between hosts. It allows to access the site at the new location without any system or DNS modifications, so you and your clients can easily test it before repointing the domain.

What is the requirements in order to use this tools?
All you need the server IP address “Your host IP address “and your domain name that you are using for your website in order to use this tool.

How to view the website?
Browse the tools .

Key in your Server Address IP Address and Website Name Domain Name . (You may obtain the Server IP Address for your hosting from the welcome email send by Serverfreak)

Click on I’m not a reboot then Click Get MY Testing URL.

You will get a temporary URL for your website you can use it to test your website and share it with your team and clients.

Copy and Paste the given URL example in your browse such us Chrome, Firefox and test your website.

Once you are done with testing, you can proceed to change DNS pointing to the new host server.

Updated on: 07/01/2023

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