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Manage SSH Keys and SSH using PUTTY

With PuTTY:
Before you are trying to connect to your computer, you need to first deploy the private key to your local computer. To do so, follow the steps given below:

First is, Login to your cPanel account.
Under the security section, go to SSH Access tool.
Now, on the SSH Access page, under the Manage SSH keys, click on Manage SSH keys.
On the SSH Access page, under the Private Keys, find the key name you created and then click on View/Download.
Under Convert the “id_rsa” key to PPK format, click Convert. cPanel will convert the key.
Click on Download key, and then save the id_rsa.ppk on the local computer. You are all set to configure the PuTTY client for connecting to your SSH account using the private key.

For Configuring PuTTY to use
your private key, follow the steps given below:

Start PuTTY.
In the Category, expand the SSH and then click on Auth.
Now, under the Authentication Parameters section, click on Browse.
Find the id_rsa.ppk file which you had created in the above step.
In the Category, click on Session.
In the Host Name, text box, enter the Then replace the username with your hosting account and replace it with the domain name of your site.
Next, in the Port text box, type 55000.
Make sure that the Connection type button is set to SSH.
Now, in the text box of Saved Sessions, enter the name for the connection.
Click on Save.

For connecting to your SSH account, double-click on the name of the connection in the list.
PuTTY needs to connect without asking for the account password.
And this is how you can configure SSH using cPanel using different methods.

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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