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How to view AWStats Website Statistic in cPanel.

The purpose of viewing AWStats is to get a clear report such as bandwidth usage in a day has used up how many, from here you can monitor which pages has the most visitor views, which pages is using the most bandwidth in your websites and etc. Below tutorial that you need follow.

Login to your Control Panel (cPanel) account with your username and password at

In the Metrics section, click the “Awstats” icon: -

Awstats icon

Click “View” icon on the domain that you would like to see stats

View icon

You can choose “Report Period” by click the drop down and it will display as request.

Statistic main page

“Summary” section will show based on month that you choose.


Unique Visitors : It show as unique IP address each visitors.
Number of visits: Know as sessions. It will count visits by session even it from same visitors that has been record unique IP address.
Pages: Total number of pages visited by all visitors
Hits: It will count on file requested. For example, visiting an HTML page that has two image on it to generate, total hits will become 3.
Bandwidth downloaded: Total bandwidth used to download files.

Monthly history will show 12 month graph that displays the same categories seen in the summary.


AWStat report can give more details about the amount of people coming to your website and other information as below list:-
• Monthly history
• Days of month
• Days of week
• Hours
• Countries (Top 25)
• Hosts (Top 25)
• Authenticated users (Top 10)
• Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25)
• Visits duration
• Files type
• Pages-URL (Top 25)
• Operating Systems (Top 10)
• Browsers (Top 10)
• Connect to site from
• Search Key phrases (Top 10)
• Search Keywords (Top 25)
• HTTP Error codes

Updated on: 19/04/2021

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