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Is Organic Traffic Better Than Paid Traffic?

First, you have to asked yourself:

How do you define "better" in the context of traffic?

Is " better " referring to cheap traffic (from PPC)?
Is " better " referring to the quality of the traffic (more conversions = the better)?
Is " better " referring to attracting INSTANT traffic to your website? (sooner = better?)

Some people will say that fast traffic is a better traffic, others consider the quality of the traffic as better and most businesses consider the cheapest traffic as the better option.

However, if you give this question a deep thought, you will realize getting quality traffic will be the best answer. Conversions will be higher for organic traffic compared to paid visitors in the long run. The moment you dropped your paid traffic campaign, the traffic will stop immediately (hence zero conversion) unlike free organic traffic which will last forever as long as the internet still exists.

OK, other than conversions ...

Can you tell me "WHY" Organic Traffic is Better Than Paid Traffic?

First, the Ad Blindness factor.

People happily scroll past ads because they know your website earned it's current position/placement by relevancy and popularity.

Secondly, the Trust Factor. Organic results convey more trust than paid ads. Visitors will check out the websites ranked in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and search for ALL the info that they want from each of the website links they've just clicked. Paid ads will be the "last resort" if they cannot find what they want from the organic listing.

Just ask yourself, if you already found all the details you need from organic results, do you still click on the ads for more info?

The answer is NO.

So, is SEO worth it?

If that quality of your visitors is important and you want to convey a better sense of trust, then yes, SEO is worth it.

Updated on: 04/04/2019

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