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How Article Length and Formatting Affects SEO

Minimum article length of 2000 words per page - As a rule of thumb, having an article written with a minimum 2000 words will increase your page ranking. This statement has been issued by many SEO experts who have tested many pages with different length.

Apply target keyword 2-4 times per article – In the past, Google emphasize on the importance of keyword density but now this rule is no longer applicable. In fact, overusing a keyword will not provide additional benefits as keyword density is not taken into account when a page has been crawled.

Bold, italicized or underlined your target keywords – Since you will be writing an article with 2000 words or more, you need to make it an effort to highlight your target keyword. This can be done by bolding or underlining the keyword in order to achieve the desired result and also increase the SEO of that page.

Insert your target keywords in the first 100 words – Insert the target keyword in the beginning of your page helps to show the search engines that your content is relevant to the keyword.

Anchor text using your target keyword – Using anchors and backlinks can greatly improve your page ranking but adding your keyword to those is also equally important.

Create a Sitemap file for your website – Creating a sitemap grows your domain’s authority. Basically, a sitemaps is akin to a catalog of your website that make looking for specific pages much easier for crawlers and even users.

Updated on: 12/03/2019

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