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How SEO Is Influenced by Page Speed and URL Parameters

Here are some of the important notes you need to know when it comes to search engine optimization:

Minimize the page size – Search Engines are not particularly fond of pages bigger than 3 MB (Megabytes). The negative implication is that search engine will give the page lower priority as the accessibility factor is at stake since the heavier the site page, the slower the load. The good news is that there are some free tools that analyze how your website page size could be affecting your load time. An example is WebSite Grader, which is a free service provided by HubSpot.

Too many file requests – The more HTTP requests your website makes, the slower it becomes. This slow loading times can also negatively impact your website Bounce Rate as well. You can use free tools such as Pingdom to analyze individual requests (results can be seen in a waterfall graphic) and a lot of them can be optimized by combining different elements of the same type together. With this tool, it's a really cool way of seeing what's on your page and what's taking a long time to load.

Make the URL SEO friendly – Search engines better understand the topic covered in a page if the URL is relevant to it and does not contain any other unnecessary symbols.

Insert Target Keyword in URL – When you navigate to a specific page e.g. Contact Us, Image Gallery, Our Services etc. the URL should contain a keyword that helps the engine understand it. The only exception is the homepage of your website which you can insert your website address or your company brand as the primary keywords.

No underscore in URL – Underscores are worse performers than hyphens when it comes to separating words in URLs in a Search engine friendly kind of way. You can of course not use spaces between your words but this only works for shorter domains consisting of two or three words.

Ensure Page is close enough to Top-Level Domain – The closer a page is to the root of your website the more valuable that page is to search engines. To make things easy to understand, an article which can be opened via will score better than an article located at

Updated on: 11/03/2019

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