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How to Sync your cPanel Email Contacts with IOS Contacts

You can synchronize your contacts from your cPanel email with your other contacts on IOS. This is done using the CardDAV standard which is an address book protocol that allows users to access and share contact data with a server.

Not supported on Shared Hosting

CardDAV is useful if you use multiple email and contact services for your business, or want to manage business contacts and personal contacts in the same place. To synchronize your contacts from your cPanel email server with your IOS contact app, follow the steps below:

Here are the steps for syncing your cPanel email calendar with IOS using CardDAV.

Login to your cPanel account.

Under the Email section, find and click Calendars and Contacts.

You will see a box titled “Secure SSL/TLS Settings” which will have your username, password, server URL, and an alternative server URL. This is the information you will use to setup CardDAV on your device.

Go to your IOS device

in the Settings app, find Contacts -> Accounts -> Add Account.

In the menu of email services, go to the bottom and choose Other.

Choose Add CardDAV Account.

add the following information:

Server: mail.yourdomain.tld:2080 (note must add port 2080 at end like seen here)
Username: cPanel email username
Password: your cPanel email account password
Description: cPanel

After entering the above information, click Next.

Your cPanel email contacts should now sync to your IOS contacts app. This is useful if you have contacts from other services such as a personal Gmail and you want to keep all your contacts organized.

Updated on: 25/11/2023

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