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How to Set Up Domain Redirection in Direct Admin

A domain redirection occurs when a web server redirects a visitor from one website to another website. An example is when we use which redirects to another domain called

Here's how we can setup a domain redirection in Direct Admin:

1) Login to Direct Admin and click Account Management and choose Site Redirection

2) On the ADD NEW REDIRECT pop-up :

Local URL Path : Choose Domain name. For the slash '/' field, enter any folder names (if necessary) or leave it blank.
Redirect Type: select the redirection type
To specify a permanent redirection, select Permanent (301).
To specify a temporary redirection, select Temporary (302).
In this example, I'm going to select the Permanent (301) option
Destination URL : Enter the web address you want to redirect to

3) Click CREATE

Updated on: 07/01/2023

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