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How to Move WordPress From a Subfolder to the Root Directory

Log in to your CPanel

Find File Manager in the Files section.

3 Go to the public_html folder or folder domain that you wanted to configure

Double click on wp folder

Once get in, click select all

Right click on any file and choose move

It will come out with this pop up. Change the path by delete the wp. example : /public_html/

Find wp-config.php, right click on it and choose view to see your database's name.

Find this section in wp-config.php file and remember your database name

Go to your home Cpanel dashboard and search for PhpMyAdmin

Find your database's name and look at options table. Click on it

Navigate to this section and change your url to main url, delete the subfolder's name. Example :

Once done, Go to Wordpress Manager

Find your domain with the subfolder url. Click the dropdown button on left

Click Remove

Then, import your WordPress back by click scan at the top of the list

Click Start scanning for installations

Updated on: 07/10/2021

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