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How to Issue SSL via cPanel AutoSSL

You can automatically issue SSL to domains/subdomains via cPanel AutoSSL. Domains/subdomains that have been issued with free SSL via AutoSSL will automatically be renewed every 3 months. Kindly refer to the following tutorial on how you can initiate AutoSSL SSL checks, so all your hosted subdomains will be issued with SSL.

Login to cPanel. You can direct login to cPanel via your Serverfreak's client account. Refer:

Once you logged in to cPanel, search for SSL/TLS Status from the search bar and click on it

Then, simply click on Run AutoSSL button as shown below:

That's it! Now you just need to wait for the SSL issuance to complete. This will issue SSL to all your domains/subdomains hosted and pointed to the server and the issued SSL will be installed automatically for them. SSL renewal is also automatic, and is every 3 months basis.

Updated on: 25/10/2022

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