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How to Enable Directory Password Protection in Direct Admin

Login to Direct Admin and click on your target domain name.

Click on Password Protected Directories. If you do not have password protected directories, you shall see the link "Find a Directory to Password Protect". Click on that link to proceed

You will be taken to a listing of your public_html directory. To password protect a directory, click the "Protect" link next to the folder you want to protect. In this example, we will click on "Agoda1"

Fill in the Directory Prompt (a description of the password protected directory), the username for the directory, and the password for the directory. Click "Save."

You shall see both the messages "Directory Protection Settings have been saved" together with "Your request will be executed within 1 minute".

To verify the steps performed above, type the full address of the password protected directory into your browser and see what happens. If the lock prompt appears, that means directory password protection is successful.

Updated on: 05/11/2018

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