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How to Check if Website is Down or Working Worldwide

Note : If you have recently change your A record or Nameserver, please allow few hours for DNS to fully propagated around the world. You may check the DNS propagation process from this link :

To check your website availability from more than 100 different locations, including China, Malaysia, New York, and etc you may check from :

Site24x7 allows you to check your site online status, total response time, the time to resolve DNS and to connect, plus the first-byte and last-byte time

Here are the steps to check your website online status using this tool:

Visit Site24x7, and enter a website URL. Click +Add more test location to test from other country then click Test Now

Wait until all of the information is gathered. You will then see a graph and a table with additional details.

Your website is online worldwide if the Status for each location shows OK. If the site is down, it will show dash symbols ( - ) and Host Unavailable under the IP columns.

Updated on: 07/01/2023

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