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How to add Google/Facebook Verification Record in cPanel Zone Editor

When you are linking your domain to a service such as Google, Facebook, you'd require to prove that you are the rightful owner of a domain. Commonly, there are 3 ways this can be done. Either via DNS, email or even HTTP.

The common method was using the DNS method, where you'd require to add the provided DNS records by a service provider such as Google, Facebook, into your domain's DNS zone, to prove that you own the domain.

The following tutorial explains the steps:

Obtain the DNS records for domain verification from your service provider. i.e Google. The following is an example TXT record obtained from Google Search Console for domain validation:

Kindly note that the record type can be TXT or CNAME. This will be depending on the service provider. So be sure to choose the correct record type when added the record.

Simply copy the value, and go to cPanel >> Zone Editor and click on it

Once you arrived at the following page, click on Manage

Click on the record type dropdown as shown below, and click on Add "TXT" Record

Enter the TXT record as per required as shown below, then click on Save Record

That's it! You've successfully added the verification record for your domain. Kindly allow 1-4 hours for the DNS changes to propagate, before you start checking for the verification status again via Google/Facebook panel.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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