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How to Upgrade Cloud Server Resources

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ServerFreak Client Area

Click on Services > My Services tab.

ServerFreak Product / Service

Click on Active Cloud Server package the one that you wish to upgrade CPU & RAM
Please note this can only be done if you have not yet receive renewal invoice cloud server on the respective months.
Please proceed payment for any unpaid renewal invoice before continue with this upgrade resources.

Next Choose CPU / RAM/ Storage/ Bandwidth from the listing

All upgrade / addon resources is calculated based on pro- rated calculation.

Example : Days Left on Current Cycle: 30 / 31
CPU Cores: 4 CPU (Included) => 8 CPU - (MYR96.77 MYR)
Upgrade Total Due: RM 96.77 before tax

Addon Rate : 1CPU- RM 25 Monthly
1GB RAM - RM 15 Monthly
25GB storage RM 20 Monthly

Bandwidth Addon 100GB - RM 30 Monthly

Payment : The system will calculate the upgrade fee amount automatically for you.
The next step is to click on reboot button on the product/service to finalize the upgrade.
Please select your preferred payment method e.g Bank Transfer/Cheque/Paypal/Existing Account Funds/MOLPay and hit the "Click to Continue"

Your upgrade is successful when you see the Order Confirmation.

Please click the link Back to Client Area at the footer in order to check the latest invoice and make the payment.

Once payment is received, the upgrade will be initiated and please click reboot process, to reflect upgrade resource, this should take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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