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How to Set Up Blogger Redirection to WordPress

This tutorial is designed for owner who wish to redirect any incoming traffic from their old Blogspot site back to their newly-imported, self-hosted site.

For redirecting your Blogger blog to WordPress, we’ll be using a free plugin, Blogger to WordPress Redirection.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Appearance >> Plugins >> Add New. Search for Blogger to WordPress Redirection.

Click on " Install Now " then " Activate ".

Click on Tools >> Blogger to WordPress Redirection. You’ll be directed to the plugin configuration page. Click the Start Configuration button to generate the code for

You can now find a list of blogs from where you’ve imported content. Click Get Code next to the correct blog and copy the code.

Now go back to your profile and click the Edit HTML button.

Paste the copied code and press " Save Theme " button. See Important Notes below.

Redirection should be all set by now when you try to visit your old Blogspot address e.g. .

For mobile visitors who visit your blog, it will append ?m=1 at your mobile browser URL. For proper mobile redirection, we need to disable this feature. To do this, you just need to click on the gear icon as shown below:

This will show you a modal popup where you’ll be asked whether you want to show a mobile version of your theme. Select No and click Save.

You can confirm successful redirection when you type your old Blogspot address to both Desktop or Mobile browsers, in which the old Blogspot address will redirect to your newly imported WordPress blog.

What's Next?

By now, everything have been moved over to your WordPress blog. If you need to update your Blogspot feed you can do so by following the tutorial below.

Updated on: 14/01/2019

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