Recently, Malaysia MCMC has blocked the following hostname which caused slow issue for any WordPress website that uses/loaded Font Awesome on the following remote sources:*

This issue has caused slow website loading, when the website is loaded from Malaysia ISPs i.e Unifi, Digi, Maxis, Celcom, etc.

There are 2 methods to resolve this.

Method 1 : Local host the Font Awesome resources on your own hosting

Tutorial for hosting Font Awesome in your own hosting can be found here:

Method 2 : Remove Font Awesome remote resources URL from your website

This is the easier method as the first method require script/coding update, which lots of Wordpress users may not want/know how to go about. Font Awesome are commonly bundled with some themes/plugins and most likely are not being used. So it is safe to unload them. You can easily unload Font Awesome via a plugin such as

Login to Wordpress Admin Dashboard

Go to Plugins >> Add New

Search , install and activate the plugin Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

Go to Settings >> Asset Cleanup to open the plugin settings

Click on the tab CSS & JS Manager and wait for it to fully load

Use your browser search to search for CSS resource begins with and tick on Unload site-wide * everywhere checkbox. This is to unload the said blocked resources site-wide

Lastly, click the Update button and clear your site cache via the cache plugin that you are using

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