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Guide to Fix Site Slow Due to Blocked MaxCDN URL by MCMC of Font Awesome of Wordpress

Update as of 10th Aug 2022:
We've also noticed that is also being blocked by MCMC now. Detected blocked remote resources by MCMC as of today is and

Recently, Malaysia MCMC has blocked the following hostname which caused slow issue for any WordPress website that uses/loaded Font Awesome on the following remote sources:*

This issue has caused slow website loading, when the website is loaded from Malaysia ISPs i.e Unifi, Digi, Maxis, Celcom, etc.

There are 2 methods to resolve this.

Method 1 : Local host the Font Awesome resources on your own hosting

Tutorial for hosting Font Awesome in your own hosting can be found here:

Method 2 : Remove Font Awesome remote resources URL from your website

This is the easier method as the first method require script/coding update, which lots of Wordpress users may not want/know how to go about. Font Awesome are commonly bundled with some themes/plugins and most likely are not being used. So it is safe to unload them. You can easily unload Font Awesome via a plugin such as

Login to Wordpress Admin Dashboard

Go to Plugins >> Add New

Search , install and activate the plugin Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

Go to Settings >> Asset Cleanup to open the plugin settings

Click on the tab CSS & JS Manager and wait for it to fully load

Use your browser search to search for CSS resource begins with and tick on Unload site-wide * everywhere checkbox. This is to unload the said blocked resources site-wide

Lastly, click the Update button and clear your site cache via the cache plugin that you are using

Updated on: 07/01/2023

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