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How to Remind "Require Featured Images" for WordPress Blog Post

If you own a WordPress blog with multiple authors, this "Require Featured Images" reminder will come in handy for you before you publish your WordPress blog post. If the featured image is not found, then the publish functionality will return an error asking the author to add the featured image. Please take note that the plugin works until WordPress version 4.9.9

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugins >> Add New . Search for " Required Feature Image " as seen below.

Click on Install Now and then Activate button.

Go to Settings > Req Featured Image . If you need the message prompt to appear on your Post only, you just need to tick the box as follow. If you need the prompt to appear on the pages as well, you just need to check the box for Pages.

Press Save Changes button if you're happy with your settings.

Here's how the notification appears if you forgotten to include " Featured Image " in your blog post.

Once you have insert the Featured Image and saved it in your blog post, the message prompt above will disappear.

Updated on: 14/01/2019

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