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How to Perform Auto Updates of Your WordPress Using Easy Updates Manager?

From time to time, WordPress upgrades its software to keep the system secure, and by default, it can update itself when a minor release is available.

When it comes to a major release, you have to initiate the update yourself manually, but you can automate this process by using a WordPress plugin called the Easy Updates Manager plugin. By using this plugin , you can save massive amount of time since this plugin will enables global updates on your site including WordPress core, plugins and themes, so you don't have to check for new versions yourself.

Here's how you can install and use the Easy Updates Manager plugin. We shall use the FREE Version of this plugin for this purpose:

Login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New

Type Easy Updates Manager as seen below and then click on Install Now > Activate.

Now go to Plugins section and click on Configure button.

Now you can configure the settings for General, Plugins, Theme and Lock,

Under Notifications section, you can also insert the email address which is ready to receive server notification.

On the Plugins tab, you can also choose which plugins to update i.e. allowed or blocked. In our example, we allow all plugins to update.

For the themes, you may click allowed for every themes as seen below.

For logs and advanced tabs, you may leave them using the default settings.

NOTE: The premium tab is only available for Easy Updates Manager Premium Plugin.

Congratulations! You have configure all the required settings. Now allow your website to update accordingly (whenever there is a new update).

What's Next?

Since we have already applied the auto-update configuration for our WordPress site, we also need to stay cautious and always have a copy of our WordPress site readily backup in case we wish to revert back to the previous version of WordPress core, plugins etc.

Click here for the full tutorial on how to generate a full WordPress backup using the UpdraftPlus plugin.

Updated on: 07/02/2019

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