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How to Optimize Your Images for WordPress

It is essential to have the "title" and "alt" tags specified for each one of the images you use in your posts. The search engines will then know what this image is supposed to represent. Providing title and alt tags for each image you use, however, can be a time-consuming task. Instead, you can use the handy SEO Optimized Images plugin.

Here's how you can optimize your images using SEO Optimized Images plugin:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Click on Plugins > Add New and search for SEO Optimized Images Click Install Now > Activate Now.

Once you install the plugin, go to your WP-Admin Dashboard -> SEO Optimized Images. On this page you can specify the ALT and TITLE tags for your images. The plugin gives you the option to use internal variables such as %title, %name and %category. With them you can set the ALT and TITLE tags of your images to the title of your post for example. The plugin does the rest. This saves you a lot of time and keeps your images SEO friendly.

Updated on: 07/01/2019

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