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How to Limit WordPress Heartbeat (Not Disable It)

If you don't want to stop Heartbeat completely, you can simply limit the execution frequency. You can do this by using a plugin called Heartbeat Control.

You can install it by following the instructions in our tutorial on How to Install WordPress Plugins and activate it. Then go to Settings -> Heartbeat Control Settings and from the Heartbeat Behavior drop-down choose Modify Heartbeat. Then select all Locations and from the Frequency slider choose 60 or above.

In this example, I shall adjust the frequency to 180 i.e. 3 minutes

Remember to press the Save Changes button in order to confirm your modification.

Alternative Solution: How to Disable Heartbeat by Using Plugin

We have another tutorial which shows you how to disable Heartbeat completely but it involves the use of coding. If you're well verse with coding, you may apply that method to disable Heartbeat.

Click here for the full tutorial.

Alternatively, you may disable Heartbeat completely using the Heartbeat Control plugin instead. Here is the screenshot of the full settings.

Updated on: 03/01/2019

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