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How to Install Woocommerce Inside WordPress

This tutorial assumed that you have already installed WordPress on your own domain name.

Login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins >> Add New.

Search for Woocommerce in the search box as seen below.

Click on Install Now and then click on Activate button.

The next page is the store setup for Woocommerce. Fill in your store details as seen in my sample below.

Once you're done, press the Let's Go button.

The next page is the Payment page. By default, Paypal payment is selected for you. At the bottom, you shall see several payment options such as Offline Payments, Check Payments, Bank Transfer Payments (BACS) and Cash on Delivery. Press Continue button to proceed with next step.

On the next page you can configure the Shipping options. Select the appropriate settings and press the Continue button again.

The next page is called Recommended features. You will be prompted to install and activate the Storefront theme and sign up for Mailchimp email service. The Storefront theme is specifically designed to be used with WooCommerce and is recommended for this plugin. If you want to use the theme, make sure the button is toggled to On (if it is enabled - it will be coloured in purple). If you already have a theme that you want to use with your website, make sure it is set to Off (if it is disabled - it will be coloured in grey).

Press Continue button to proceed with next step.

The Activate step allows you to connect your store to Jetpack. Clicking the Connect with Jetpack button would take you to the Jetpack authentication page. If you do not want to connect your store to Jetpack, you may click on the Skip this step link at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: From our own test, we encountered the error message "cURL error 28: Connection timed out" after pressing the " Connect the Jetpack " button. To solve this issue, we have increased memory_limit parameter to 512 MB which solves the problem in our second attempt.

Note: If you click on "Skip this step" option, you will skip this Jetpack Activation step which immediately completes your Woocommerce setup. You may also skip no. 9 below and reach the final page as seen in Step 10.

You may now seeing this page below which is the Jetpack dashboard.

The screenshot above is not the final installation step. In order to complete your store setup, just click on WooCommerce button in your WordPress Dashboard and re-run the Setup Wizard for Woocommerce again. You just need to click the next button repeatedly until you reach the following page in Step 10 which completes the Woocommerce setup.

The WooCommerce plugin is finally installed and set up on your website!

What's Next?

From this step onwards, you can start creating your first product or importing a .csv file with product information from a previous website.

Updated on: 16/01/2019

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