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How to Import/Restore Your MYSQL Database Using phpMyAdmin

Login to cPanel and select PHPMyAdmin

Select the database which you wish to restore to the drop down database menu at the left. In this example, I'm selecting the database "joshipro_wptest1"

The phpMyAdmin script that restores your database does not drop the tables first. Click the Check All / Check tables having overhead check box.

Click the With selected: drop down menu and choose Drop.

Confirm by clicking 'YES'

Click the Import tab. Next, click the Choose File button to browse for the MySQL backup. Lastly, press the "Go" button to complete the import process.

Note: This is the only way for restoring SQL query not larger than 2 MB. For larger MySql database restoration, we recommend you to run mysqldump query from SSH shell.

Updated on: 15/08/2018

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