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How to Import Emails from Your Domain to Gmail (As Backup)

Login to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon and select Settings

Click on Accounts & Import tab and select Import mail and contacts.

.3. Enter the target email address in which you wish to import all of your emails to your Gmail account. Click the Continue button once you're done.

Enter your password for the target email account you wish to import all of the emails, together with its full email address and the mail server address e.g. . The default POP port is 110. Press the Continue button when you're done.

Follow the default import settings (the tick boxes) as seen from my screenshot below:

Click on Start Import button to proceed with the final step.

Congratulations! you shall see the following message if every email import settings is done properly. Press the OK button to close the window. The email importing process may happen immediately or taking up 2 days, depending on the size and amount of emails you wish to import.

You may now see that all of my emails located in my custom domain have been imported successfully to my Gmail account.

Note: Using the settings as shown in Step 5 above, all of the emails stored in your server will be cleared 100% i.e. your mailbox shall be emptied.

Updated on: 13/12/2018

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