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How to fix mixed content in your Wordpress site to make it HTTPS

You need to enable SSL for your domain before continue with below steps. Kindly refer this link : Enable SSL tutorial

1) If your WordPress site not showing SECURE or Padlock Icon on browser after issue SSL , you may check from this link : Why No Padlock Checker

Mostly, the issue is with few URLs in your website is using http instead of https. If you have technical knowledge you may manually edit it or seek help from web developer.

2) You may install plugins call Really Simple SSL which is a WordPress plugin that automatically detects users’ website settings and configures it to run over https

Login to your WordPress dashboard then go to Plugins and click Add New

In the search bar search for Really Simple SSL and click Install Now and click Activate

Click Go ahead, activate SSL!

3) If the issue still persist, you may also install plugins Velvet Blues Update URLs

Note : This plugins also work if you are changing your website domain as it help update old URL to new URL

After plugins Activate, go to Tools and click Update URLs

Note : Replace with your domain name

Click Update URLs

Clear your browser cache and try visit your website again

Updated on: 11/03/2020

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